Bartolucci Unique, precious, carved wood: from wooden log, up to vivid emotion.

There is something special in the weaves of wood and in its scent, some sort of soul, which breathes, whispers and lives.
Wood requires kindness and warmth before being handled, carved and smoothed: it is a living material in the carpenter’s hands!
That’s how Bartolucci’s objects arise.
Unique and precious, imaginatively inspired to the animal kingdom, all Bartolucci’s articles turn into much more than a simple gift: it is like sharing a creativity experience, from a wooden log, up to a vivid emotion!


The history of the Bartolucci family begins in 1936, in the small village of Belvedere Fogliense, in the Marche region, among gentle and fertile hills.
In a small workshop, in front of a warm fireplace, while outside it is snowing, the Bartolucci brothers manufacture their first accordions.
The art of woodworking is a characterizing skill of the Bartolucci family: in 1981, fantasy and creativity inspire the young Francesco to carve his first wooden Pinocchio.
Just as in the novel of Collodi, the Bartolucci’s adventure starts with a puppet: through wood, a perfect synthesis of imagination and manual skills comes about.
In his “business insights”, Francesco combines tradition, family, creativity and sacrifice.
From his grandfather‘s signature used as Company brand to the workshop experience with his family and coworkers.
From craftsmanship, according to the most ancient traditions of carpentry, to the design of original products, which always evoke new emotions.
From a long period of street vending up to the opening of the stores, to offer the Bartolucci’s articles in Italy and around the world.
Thanks to all these characteristics, the Company has been awarded with the recognition of Artistic Craftsmanship and the Prize for Craft Excellence.
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