Fedon Distinctive, functional, innovative yet timeless style in leatherware and accessories.

Every single product branded Fedon stores dreams and ideas and expresses the Mission of the company: designing and realizing innovative, functional yet elegant solutions perfect as a gift.
The Fedon collections always offer products with an undisputable aesthetic value, pleasant to wear and to give as a present.
The founder, Giorgio Fedon, believed in the beauty of the Italian style, where every product is permeated by quality and innovation.


It was in 1919 when Giorgio Fedon began his adventure as a skillful craftsman processing and creating precious items, born to store and protect a special content: eyeglasses.
Still today, after four generations, Fedon places in every single product the same passion and mastery of almost a century ago.
Fedon Collections go back to the Italian style and tradition with timeless, innovative models.
Distinctive details that set apart and amaze those in search of the unique value of design combined with craftsmanship - this is the Made in Italy by Fedon.
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