Officina dei Fiori The fragrances we choose are extremely powerful: they represent us, they can arouse pleasant sensations and make our mind travel, allowing memories to resurface.
Italy has always been the land of choice for perfumery. The first perfumers were Italian and in particular Venetian. For centuries, they ruled trade with the East and piled along the Grand Canal (especially in the district of Rialto) not only silks and rare fabrics, but also spices and aromas of considerable value.
Perfumes, already extensively used in Italian courts, were introduced in France, and then in Europe, thanks to the then fourteen-year-old Catherine De Medici who married the Duke of Orléans.

Since the Renaissance, orchid and lily of the valley powders were used to clean the hair, while cinnamon, lemon and chamomile cosmetic waters were used to beautify the skin.
Musk, amber and orange blossom scented waters left enticing trails; ginger, sandalwood and rosemary rinses were used to perfume the breath.
The finest leathers from Sicily and Sardinia were tanned and perfumed.
Officina dei Fiori has chosen to build on the values of this long and solid tradition and has created home fragrance items inspired by Italian know-how.
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