Pijama Backpacks, bags and soft cases: a new life for Milan's fashion district fabrics.

Pijama was founded in 2006 from an idea by fashion designer Monica Battistella and architect Sergio Gobbi.
They realized that abandoned stocks of fabrics in the heart of Milan’s former fashion district could have been given a new life.
The very first products were scratchproof soft cases for computers and iPods, and later for iPads and iPhones.
The Pijama family has now grown to include a wide range of products including backpacks, bags and pockets with zips.
Pijama is easy and simple. It’s just what you need to carry to protect your precious everyday objects.
The material used for all the products is a neoprene layer combined with a wide selection of fabrics taken from the world of textile: from printed cotton to jacquard.
All the products are 100% designed and made in Italy, and manufactured in the area surrounding Milan.
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